Small Town Wishful Heart

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This year has flew right by its already July almost August, … At the beginning of this year I made a ton of new years resolutions and looking back now, the only one that seems decent and logical was to get a dog…. the one like ” find myself” seem like BULLSHIT. I’m 20 and in college, I should know how to “find myself”. Lately I’ve been trying really hard to “find myself” and I’ve only dug myself into a hole of heart ache, despair and hate. I should really be losing myself…

Lose my self in my school work, Lose my self in a good nextfix show, Lose my self in a party or two (but not too much), Lose my self in the gym, Lose my self in the song Caroline by WCG , Lose my self in chocolate during a heart beak or two,  and Lose my self in a drive through the country.